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 Developed and Delivered with Care.  

We are relentless in pursuing prosthetic performance and patient comfort. What we do and how we do it allows the amputees we care for to reach their full potential. Our clinical team utilizes the most advanced materials, components, and techniques to obtain a top-quality fit. Our training, education, and follow-up care are all designed to achieve and exceed your goals!


Rick Myers, Certified Prosthetist and Founder

Rick founded Southern California Prosthetics in 2009 after 20 successful years in the medical device industry. Rick led operational and development teams at Flex-Foot and Ossur and then co-founded Freedom Innovations. He has been the lead clinician at SCP for more than 10 years. He is often called upon to testify as an expert witness or treating clinician in legal cases involving amputees. He still is involved in new product development with prosthetic companies in his spare time.  


Patients Recommend

Ashley P.

From the moment I stepped foot in SCP I felt like part of a new family. I was with Hanger for the first few years after my amputation and was just another number to them... I knew from the moment I met Rick I would be a lifelong client. I have been able to run, climb,jump, raise a toddler, work retail full time, work in a lab, earn a bachelors, and much much more all because SCP goes above and beyond for me.

Patrick S.

Rick is the best at what he does. Why? Because he clearly cares and he and his team want to see you attain your dreams... I used to drive over an hour to see these folks-  because this clinic is the best that I've been to (visited 6 before I found SCP), and now I fly from Atlanta to Cali just to ensure I have the best experience possible. This is no stuffy office. It's an open air concept, where amputees and family sit together and share what works and what doesn't.

Kevin B.

Compassion is the main difference between the first five companies I've worked with and Southern California Prosthetics. Compassion drives expertise, innovation and the desire to help people... Ricks compassion has created an amazing practice where you feel like you're cared for. Every member of his staff are beautiful. They listen!
As a result, I'm walking far better than I've walked in  six or seven other legs; in four years.


 Amputees in Motion

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