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To innovatively develop and caringly provide comfortable, high-performance prosthetic solutions that meet all patient requirements in a highly compassionate and supportive environment.



Prosthetics & Orthotic Association is a company that specializes in engineering and fitting high-performance prostheses that support active lifestyles.




We believe in the inherent value of people as those who are created in the image of God. As such, we value and appreciate each individual’s unique background, viewpoint, skill and talent. Therefore, we treat our patients, suppliers, and our co-workers as they would want to be treated.



We encourage all team members to openly and honestly share their opinions and views.



We believe patient care is a calling rather than a job. As a result, we are relentless in pursuing the best outcome with our prosthetic care for each and every patient, regardless of situation or background.



The best results for our patients will come from an experienced, involved, and participatory team working together as one, rather than from any one individual.


Southern California Prosthetics, Prosthetic Fitting and Services

Our passion is the relentless pursuit of premier performance and patient comfort. By leveraging advanced technology, we enable all patients to reach their full potential. Our professionals employ the most advanced prosthetic techniques for precision, top-quality fit, comfort and performance. We then continue the process with gait evaluation and training recommendations.

Advanced Techniques & Materials

Cutting-edge prosthetic techniques and materials, combined with our passion for patient perfection, enable each patient to leave our facility with a strong sense of comfort and security, consistent with their abilities and lifestyle.


Certified Practitioners

Our American Board Certified (ABC) practitioners are adept in the most advanced procedures, products and technological advances in prosthetic care available today. Your unique challenges and opportunities are reviewed by top clinicians in multiple locations to evaluate your progress during each step of the design, fabrication, and fitting process. This remarkable advisory panel of expert prosthetists, presents a diversity of strengths and specialties, reflecting more than 50 years of experience in the prosthetic field.

Champions of your Challenges

One of the distinct advantages at Southern California Prosthetics is our team approach to resolving unique clinical challenges. Leveraging video technology, each patient receives a thorough review and analysis from our team of expert clinicians located around the country. The result is the most comprehensive, advanced and personalized analysis and treatment available.

Patient-Centered Facility

SCP’s facility is designed to meet your unique needs and goals. Each area in our 6500 square foot, state-of-the-art medical facility focuses on patient comfort and product quality. We have created an open environment which allows amputees to interact with each other during the fitting process. As a result, SCP is a great place to make new friends with other amputees!

At Southern California Prosthetics, you will discover:

  • Unique video conferencing capability provides each patient with feedback and recommendations from a national panel of prosthetic experts.

  •  On-site fitting capabilities offer patients the customized, perfect fit each patient deserves.



Certified Prosthetist and Founder

Rick founded Southern California Prosthetics in 2009 after a successful career in the medical device industry.  Rick has successfully led teams at Flex-Foot and Ossur and was the Co-founder of Freedom Innovations.  More recently, he has been called upon to testify as an expert witness or treating clinician in legal cases involving amputees.  He has served on several for profit and nonprofit boards, including the Amputee Coalition of America and Providence Christian College. 


Rick’s passion is helping lower extremity amputees walk again without pain and to see them reach their maximum potential.  He and his wife of almost 40 years, Megan, have lived in Orange County since 1981 and have raised their 4 children there.  He really enjoys golf (for the humorous value of his game), his border collies, and his involvement in Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo. 


Zulma Bernal

Zulma enjoys spending time with her two sons and her family. She enjoys BBQs, watching sports of all kinds, and is a crazy DODGER fan!




Shannon Brack

Shannon has worked in the accounting industry for 30 years. She enjoys reading, watching sports with family, and spending time with here women's bible study group.

Accounting Manager

Mac Old.jpeg

Mac Burrell

Mac received his Masters Degree in O&P from Cal State Dominguez Hills in 2019. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing La Crosse, hiking, and beach days with his Corgi, Gigi!

Resident Prosthetist


Teresa Crabbe

Teresa received her BA from UCI in Spanish. She loves spending time with her 3 grown kids, her 13 siblings, and her friends! She enjoys ping pong, paddle boarding, cooking, and serving as a pastor at her church.



Juan Lora

Juan is a dedicated, high quality, prosthetic specialist who has helped change lives at SCP since 2014. He enjoys his free time on the weekends!

Senior Prosthetic Technician

Ben Myers

Ben worked as a technician for SCP but he left for four years to make prosthetic feet. He recently returned to SCP to work as an assistant prosthetist. Ben enjoys playing guitar and working out.

Assistant Prosthetist


Ashley Gonzalez

Ashley received her Masters Degree in O&P from Cal State Dominguez Hills in 2019. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Arturo, hiking, baking, and reading.

Resident Prosthetist



One of Rick's two "office dogs," Bear has been coming to SCP with Rick since he was a puppy. He is sweet and talkative, and runs in circles around the ping pong table whenever he hears the sound of the ball!

Office Dog and Ping Pong Enthusiast


Gigi is Mac's dog who comes to work with him every day. She is usually found wherever the food is, and if you want to get on her good side give her a treat from the front desk!

Office Dog and Food Critic


Sky is our original company mascot and service dog.  She is still a star at fetch and frisbee!  Throw it to her and it will come back!

Original Mascot and Professional Fetch Player


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