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Anthony (BK)

Anthony, a Below Knee Amputee, is standing outside of the old SCP building with his artificial leg (prosthetic).
Below Knee Amputee, Anthony, Standing with his Prosthetic Leg

Anthony was ready to get on with his life. He had been fighting one battle or another since July 2010, when an accidental discharge from a shotgun hit his foot. The damage to his foot was so severe that doctors were unable to save it and a Symes amputation (through the ankle) was performed. Anthony was released from the hospital shortly afterward, but his wound was not healing well. Then he suffered a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) in his lungs, and was rushed back to the hospital. When he was strong enough to undergo another operation, more of Anthony’s leg was amputated to remove degenerated tissue that had developed at the wound site.

Anthony’s first prosthetic leg was a pin lock system. It worked well for him  as he rehabilitated and regained his strength.  After about eight months, however, his residual limb developed “hot spots” which were very painful and often prevented him from wearing his leg. He was fit with a new pin lock socket, but the skin issues continued. Anthony tried to keep a positive attitude, but was frustrated that he was not yet able to get back to his active life.

Anthony searched for solutions, and that’s when he found Southern California Prosthetics.  He set up a consultation with Rick, who explained the options available and went straight to work. “Without hesitation, Rick casted me for my custom liner,” Anthony remembers, “and the rest is history! Rick is really dedicated to getting a proper and comfortable fit. I am very happy with the level of care I am receiving. I don’t feel like a number with dollar signs above my head – these people treat me like family. I love the SCP staff, and am so glad I found them!”

Anthony is back to doing all the things he loves, including his job as a ride inspector at Disneyland. And now that he’s wearing a prosthesis that doesn’t hurt, it’s much easier to enjoy working at “the happiest place on earth!”

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